Bay of Naples

Five things to do in Naples (as well as trying the world’s best pizza!)

Everyone warned me about going to Naples. “It’s dirty” they said, “You’ll get mugged!” one horrified Sardinian exclaimed before I left for the mainland on the 13-hour night ferry from Cagliari (getting mugged would, in fact, end up happening in Milan, and not Naples…where my disgustingly smelly Nike trainers were untied from my backpack on the metro!) but despite its reputation, I absolutely fell in love with the city…and found that there are so many great things to do in Naples! Continue reading

Travel Prints

Hang the world on your walls! Travel prints now available to buy

Happy (belated!) New Year travellers! This Christmas and New Year has flown by, and I’m happy to say that (despite some slightly soggy Christmas Day weather!) my first Aussie holiday was awesome! After taking a little time off, I’m back to work and focusing on the blog…and very happy to announce that you can now buy travel prints of my photography from around the world online for the first time! Continue reading

Turtles in Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast

10 photos which prove there’s more to Hervey Bay than Fraser Island

If you ask your average East-Coast backpacker about Hervey Bay, chances are they’ll say they stayed there on the way to Fraser Island…and that will be about all they can tell you…

For most people, the town is a pit-stop on the way to the world’s largest sand island – a place to sleep the night before (and shower the day after!) one of the three-day camping packages, or to stock up on food before a self-drive tour of the island . If you ask them to describe Hervey Bay itself, they are likely to say it’s a quiet town, with not much to do… Continue reading