Portland Lan Su Chinese Garden

Visiting Lan Su Chinese Garden: Portland, Oregon

When I stayed in Portland in the early summer of 2014, one of my favourite things to do was explore the city’s beautiful green spaces and gardens. It was a particularly sunny April/May when I visited (I had one day of rain…I’m pretty convinced Portland’s reputation for non-stop rain is a myth created by the locals to keep the tourist numbers at bay!) so it was the perfect time for wandering around all of the gardens and parks.


Big Pink in the background Lan Su Portland Oregon

I visited pretty much all of them, including the International Rose Test Garden, The Japanese Gardens and Laurelhurst Park (another favourite!) but the day I spent at Lan Su was something a bit special.

Blue Skies Lan Su Chinese Garden Portland Oregon

It costs $10.00 (just over £7) for an adult to visit the garden, which includes entry for the entire day and a tour. I’m not usually one for traipsing around after someone while they talk at you but I was really glad I went ahead and did this one – especially when he pointed out the garden’s resident Hummingbird (look out for him if you go, but you’ll need to be quicker than me if you’re going to get a photo!)

Doorway Portland Lan Su Chinese Garden

Pattern Lan Su Chinese Garden Portland Oregon

A result of a collaboration between the cities of Portland and Suzhou – PDX’s sister city which is famous for its beautiful Ming Dynasty gardens –  Lan Su is known as the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China. Split into different rooms or areas, each different part of the garden like a little, hidden world.

Relaxing Portland Lan Su Chinese Garden

Fish Pond Portland Lan Su Garden

Despite taking up an entire block in Downtown Portland, once you step inside it’s easy to forget that you’re in a city. It’s one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever visited – the only reminder of Portland’s bustling streets outside is the ever-present view of ‘Big Pink’ beyond the walls.

Flowers Lan Su Chinese Garden Portland Oregon

I wandered back around the garden after the tour and found a shaded spot next to the pond to sit and read for a while. Sometime later in the afternoon, the music coming from the teahouse – or the Tower of Cosmic Reflections as it’s officially called – drew me in and I spent at least another two hours in peaceful bliss, sipping some amazing Black Rose Petal tea and writing in the sunshine.



WHERE: 239 NW Everett St, Portland, OR.

PRICE: Student Admission $7.00 / Senior Admission $9.00 / General Admission $10.00

OPEN:  7-days a week – 10am to 7pm March – October / 10am – 4pm November to April

MORE INFO: www.lansugarden.org



Visiting the Lan Su Chinese Garden, in Portland Oregon

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