Barcelona – Day One

Ah Barcelona. Thank god for gorgeous blue skies and sunshine. The locals are still wearing puffa jackets and scarves to ward off what they seem to think is “cold” weather whilst anyone who is visiting from the North is stripping off as quickly as possible. I even managed to burn my arms today…not that I’m saying that’s a good thing (obviously) I’m just pointing out that it’s definitely too warm here for a Scot to be wearing knitwear…


I flew in from Glasgow Prestwick Airport late last night, leaving what can only be described as a very slushy start to April in Scotland. A quick note on the flying from Prestwick thing…calling it an airport is being quite generous. It looks more like Buchanan Street bus station on a quiet night, with just about as much to see and do. The Barcelona flight, which is a relatively new, daily return thanks to Ryanair, was the last of only three flights leaving yesterday…THREE! There is one bar pre-security (which I wouldn’t recommend, unless you take your own clean glass) and one bar after security (security may be the only good thing about Prestwick as you will never have to queue) which, for some god only knows reason, is Elvis Presley themed…really themed – his face is everywhere!


Moving on. I was flying as cheaply as possible, which meant with no-frills Ryanair and cost me just over £100 return. The flight only takes 2 hours and 10 minutes so I wasn’t (too) fussed about the screaming baby or lack of legroom. And I did get to see a rather lovely sunset over the Pyrenees, so all in all, not too shabby.


I jumped in a taxi at Barcelona el Prat and had an excellent chat with the driver (not, he didn’t appreciate my attempts at Spanish one bit) whilst we listened to some strange Spanish versions of what I’m sure was Taylor Swift and that “Hungry Eyes” song from Dirty Dancing. When we got to the hostel, he sped off so quickly I didn’t have time to check if he’d taken my bag out of the boot (obviously he did or I wouldn’t be writing this now!) A woman from the hostel was waiting for me to arrive and very kindly apologized for her lack of English…to which I hastily replied, her English was amazing compared to my Spanish (as the taxi driver would testify).


The hostel (there will be a review coming soon so I won’t go into too much detail now) is lovely. Clean, bright, stylishly finished – it’s not what I imagined hostelling to be at all…and that goes for the other travelers too. After I was given a quick tour of the (amazing!) terrace, kitchen and bathroom, I was shown to be dorm room. I’m sharing with three other women in a four bunk room. The woman on the bunk above me nodded hello in reply to me, the other was fast asleep (at 9.30pm) and the third woman wasn’t around. I was part tired, part hyped and didn’t really want to go sleep so I thought a wander down to the cool kitchen/hangout space in the basement might offer up the chance to chat to a few other travelers…but no such luck. Two girls were lying on couches on their phones, a guy was busy on his laptop and a couple were sitting in silence, seemingly not talking to anyone…including each other.


I grabbed some water and headed out onto the terrace for a quick smoke before tiptoeing back into my dorm room (where the other woman was now also asleep) and decided an early night and an early start was the best thing for it…

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