Barcelona – Day Three

If you read the previous blog post – Clubbing in Barcelona – then you can probably guess that day three was a bit of a struggle. I woke up around midday, still completely exhausted, with aching feet and with a bit of a headache – which may or may not have had something to do with the cocktails and Jägermeister!

I dragged myself out of my kip (that’s Scottish for bed, just in case you were wondering) in search of coffee and David to see if last night’s plans for lazing the day away on Barceloneta beach were still happening…although at that point, even sunbathing seemed like too much of an effort.

A woman called Tracey was out reading on the terrace and we got chatting after a bit. She’s also doing Barcelona solo, and travelling through more of Spain over the next month so we had lots to talk about. I invited her along to the beach too, but David appeared and said he wanted to just hang out at the hostel (and recover!).

Tracey and I headed out for some much needed breakfast (lunch, technically…although it’s Spain so very, very early lunch by Spanish standards) and ended up at a really great little place on Passeig Sant Joan that, and I blame the hangover for this, I cannot remember the name of! A couple of bocadillos, OJs and a strong coffee (for me) later, we set off for the general direction of the waterfront, still with the aim of lounging on the beach. The problem was, it was getting a bit chilly, I was getting a bit tired (read that as crabbit) and Tracey wanted to grab some extra clothes from the shops, which I was definitely not up for.


I apologised for being exhausted and said I would catch up with her at the beach later, and I honestly had every intention of going but…I passed a Metro and the thought of a few hours’ sleep was simply too appealing. I got back to the hostel, crawled into bed (stopping only to grab my eyemask and earplugs – the hostel saviours!) and fell asleep. When I woke up, there was a new American girl called Kate in the dorm and I had a text from Tracey asking if I fancied some dinner. I invited David and Kate along too and so the four of us headed out for some tapas – sticking to the Gracia area (for the sake of an early night!).


We ended up at this lovely little bar called Grato Negro on the street behind the hostel, and had really good value tapas and beer (it cost under 20euros for the four of us). David was leaving early in the morning and Kate had just arrived (that’s the good and bad thing about hostels, there is always someone new to chat to but there people are also always leaving!). I told David I really appreciated him letting me tag along for a night out and that I was sad he was leaving so soon after we’d had so much fun hanging out. “David Fiona Barcelona” was his reply. Probably best he left when he did!


He headed back to the hostel to pack so we said goodbye at that point and Kate, Tracey and I continued wandering the pretty, fairylight-lit streets of Gracia (I was adamant I was getting some dessert!). We ended up at one of Gracia’s quaint little squares called Plaça Revolució, and couldn’t help ourselves when we saw the Gelateria Caffetteria Italiana (yes, it was a bit of a cop-out getting Italian dessert rather than Spanish but it was so good!). We ate and people watched for a while before ambling back to the hostel.

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