Sardinian Beach Guide: Santa Maria Navarrese

Sardinia’s not short on incredible beaches; in fact, they’re widely believed to rival some of the best in the world and are often referenced as being the closest thing to Caribbean shores you can find in Europe. I’ve been lucky enough to visit a fair few of them during my four weeks on the island and will be posting short guides for each one – starting with the seaside resort of Santa Maria Navarrese. 

Santa Maria Navarrese

Sitting at the south end of the Golfo di Orosei, Santa Maria Navarrese is a popular base for tourists looking to explore the many coves and beaches of Sardinia’s beautiful east coast, but it’s also home to it’s own stretch of sand, just steps away from the main road.

The beach is typical of what I’ve seen in Sardinia so far – beautifully picturesque but essentially sand-less. The water is crystal clear and perfect for swimming or snorkeling but if you’re looking for a fine, white sandy beach, Santa Maria Navarrese’s coarse sand and pebbles will leave you a bit disappointed.

The beach has a couple of bars/snack shacks where you can grab a beer and watch the endless blue horizon. There’s also a historical tower at the north end of the beach that’s worth a look if you’re feeling like a walk and some local history.

For those in search of a sandier sunbathing spot, I recommend the ten minute walk to the village of Tancau sul Mare, which is coming up next on the Sardinian Beach Guide!

Any thoughts?