A Tale or Two About…Finally Making it to Australia

It’s only taken nine months (or 10 years since I technically first added the country to my bucket list!) for me to make it to Australia…and I couldn’t be happier to be here. I left cold, grey and slightly snowy Scotland one week ago today – flying from Edinburgh to Brisbane, via Abu Dhabi.

Edinburgh to Brisbane...a mer 30 hours via Abu Dhabi!

Edinburgh to Brisbane…a mere 30 hours via Abu Dhabi!

As some of you might remember, I had been due to fly to Darwin from Bali last December…but those plans were changed at the last minute thanks to a Spiked Drink and a Stolen Purse. Since then, I’ve worked and lived in the Channel Islands, and in Sardinia – Italy…but the whole time I was working on getting to this amazing country.

Goodbye rainy Scotland!

Goodbye, rainy Scotland!

First glimpse of the Outback!

First glimpse of the Outback!

I’ll be spending the next six months to a year backpacking through Australia – starting here in Brisbane and working my way up the East Coast before I explore Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin and Perth. I’m also hoping to visit New Zealand, see a bit more of South East Asia and make it to as many of the South Pacific Islands as I can manage (and afford!).

The Brisbane Skyline from the Mt Coot-tah lookout

The Brisbane Skyline from the Mt Coot-tah lookout

It feels strange and great to be completely alone again – my first-time solo travelling since leaving Bali last year. I’m also now fully freelance – a digital nomad some might say! During the last three months spent at home in Scotland, I’ve been working hard to create a full-time income from article writing, copywriting and photography…and I’m happy to say that, so far at least, it’s working for me. I can now make an income from anywhere in the world…as long as there is Wi-Fi!

I’ll be regularly updating the blog with new Australia tales, as well as guides to all the countries I’ve been lucky enough to live, work in and visit so far!

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Fiona x

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