Turtles in Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast

10 Photos Which Prove There’s More to Hervey Bay Than Fraser Island

If you ask your average East-Coast backpacker about Hervey Bay, chances are they’ll say they stayed there on the way to Fraser Island…and that will be about all they can tell you…

For most people, the town is a pit-stop on the way to the world’s largest sand island – a place to sleep the night before (and shower the day after!) one of the three-day camping packages, or to stock up on food before a self-drive tour of the island. If you ask them to describe Hervey Bay itself, they are likely to say it’s a quiet town, with not much to do…

It might not have a jumping nightlife scene or offer Australia’s best surfing, but if you’re willing to spend a little bit of time exploring and getting to know the area, you’ll find there’s a lot more to Hervey Bay than just Fraser Island…

Miles of beautiful beaches…almost entirely to yourself

Torquay Beach Hervey Bay

Feel like playing castaway or just prefer your beaches without the throngs of sunbathers? You’ll love the near-deserted beaches of Hervey Bay. Stretching for 40 kilometres, picture-perfect white sand, pretty piers and coral water-lines.

Torquay Beach Hervey bay

Torquay Beach Hervey Bay

get up close & personal with the colourful local characters

Green Sea Turtle Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is not only the Whale Watching Capital of the World but also home to an array of wildlife (as well as the actual “locals” who you can meet down the Torquay on a Friday night!)

Bats Hervey Bay

From watching the bats of Tooan Tooan Creek make their nightly flight at dusk to spotting dolphins, Hervey Bay gives you the chance to experience nature up close. You can even visit Reefworld to take part in the daily feeding of Hervey Bay’s resident Green Sea Turtles.

Green Sea Turtle at Reefword in Hervey Bay

Botanic Gardens to rival the big cities…without the crowds

Australia’s not short on beautiful Botanic Gardens, but Hervey Bay’s pretty and crowd-less park is the perfect place to escape for an afternoon of shaded relaxation. Don’t forget to visit the Orchid House and peep through the windows of the beautiful Chinese Graden before you leave.

Hervey Bay Botanic Garden


Street Art in Hervey Bay

It might not be a cosmopolitan hub, but there are still cultural spots to be found in Hervey Bay if you look hard enough. The Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere has displays on Fraser Island’s famous shipwreck – The SS Maheno – as well as a contemporary art space with visiting exhibitions.

Whale in Hervey Bay



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