Mary Poppins Story Trail Maryborough Queensland Australia

The Magic of Mary Poppins in Maryborough, Queensland

If you’re looking for a little magic in Australia, Maryborough is an unmissable stop on Queensland’s East Coast. Best known for its incredibly historic buildings and beautiful examples of original Queenslander houses, Maryborough is the birthplace of a rather famous English nanny…Mary Poppins! 

Historic buildings Maryborough Queensland

Maryborough has some of the best examples of old Queenslander style buildings

The town is the birthplace of P.L Travers. You might recognise her name from the recent film Saving Mr. Banks, or for those who don’t, she is best known as the author of one of the greatest children’s stories ever written, and for creating one of the world’s most loved characters…the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mary Poppins!

Maryborough Town Hall Queensland

The Maryborough Town Hall and Tourist Information point

After spending a couple of weeks in Hervey Bay (where I was volunteering with one of the Fraser Island adventure tour companies) I felt like I needed an escape…to see something other than the beach…and to experience a little history or culture. Being only an hour away, Maryborough made for the perfect day trip option.

I wasn’t even aware of the Mary Poppins connection until I arrived at the historic Town Hall (which doubles as the tourist information) and asked them for some advice on what to see and do. After filling me in on the Thursday market (which was just winding down) the friendly advisor offered me a “Story Trail” walking map.

Mary Poppins Maryborough Story Trail

Learning about the magic of Mary Poppins on the Maryborough Story Trail

I couldn’t believe that, despite meeting so many different travellers and people who had visited the town, no one had ever mentioned P.L Travers was born in Maryborough…and that the town is technically the birthplace of one of my all-time favourite stories!


Following the Maryborough Story Trail

Heritage City Markets Maryborough Queensland

The Heritage City Market takes place every Thursday outside the Town Hall

It’s worth popping into the Town Hall (which also happens to be a really beautiful building dating back to 1908) before you start the trail to find out if there are any special events or festivals happening during your trip, and then head for the trail’s first stop on the corner of “Cherry Tree Lane” (officially it’s called Richmond Street…but the nickname is so much sweeter!)


The Australian Joint Stock Bank

Bank Mary Poppins Maryborough Queensland

The bank building (right-hand side) in which author P.L Travers was born

At the start of Cherry Tree Lane, you’ll see an impressive building on the left-hand side of the road: the former Australian Joint Stock Bank. Not only was P.L Travers born in an upstairs bedroom of the building, but her father was also manager of the bank – leaving many fans of the Mary Poppins book series to believe that this location was particularly inspirational to her writing…and that the character of Mr Banks was a directly inspired by her own father’s job.


Mary Poppins Statue

Mary Poppins statue Maryborough Queensland

Mary Poppins statue outside the bank building her creator P.L Travers was born in

Right outside the bank, you’ll find the Mary Poppins Statue – complete with magical umbrella and all! The life-sized bronze of the world’s favourite nanny was the first to honour P.L Travers work (although there are a few throughout the world now) and was built after the local community raised over $60,000 for the “Proud Mary Association”.


Cherry Tree Lane Street Library

Cherry Tree Lane Street Library, Maryborough Queensland

The cutest library in the world! Cherry Tree Lane Street Library, outside the Spoonful of Sugar Cafe

Want to borrow a book from the world’s smallest (and very possibly sweetest!) library? Check out the cute birdhouse shaped book borrowing box attached to the wall of Cherry Tree Lane! This isn’t technically listed on the Story Trail but it was one of my favourite finds during my walk around the town!


A Spoon full of Sugar Café

Spoon Full of Sugar Cafe Maryborough Queensland

Sweet treats at a Spoon Full of Sugar Cafe on Cherry Tree Lane!

If you’ve borrowed a book from Cherry Tree Lane Street Library, stop in at the ever-so-magically-named Spoon Full of Sugar Café for a coffee, cake and a little reading time. On the right side of the café, don’t forget to get your picture taken with Mary Poppins umbrella or, if you are visiting at night-time, keep an eye out for some magical characters appearing in the sky…


Queen’s Park

Maryborough Queensland Queen's Park

Maryborough’s charming Queen’s Park

Maryborough’s Heritage Listed Queen’s Park and Botanical Gardens are thought to have inspired the park near the Banks’ home in the story of Mary Poppins, and for those who know the books, you might find a feature or two familiar. Take a walk around the bandstand, see the old railway track and find the miniature waterfall hidden behind the lilypond.


Maryborough Need to Know

Getting there:

Maryborough is roughly a three-hour drive from Brisbane, or just 40 minutes by car if you are travelling from nearby Hervey Bay.

The bus from Hervey Bay takes around an hour and runs regularly throughout the day. You can find timetables here.

Where to stay

If you want to extend your trip to Maryborough, there are plenty of budget and mid-range hostels and motels to choose from…

When to visit: 

The town holds the Heritage City Markets in Held every Thursday on Adelaide and Ellena Streets, with live music and street entertainment on the Town Hall green.


The Magic of Mary Poppins in Maryborough, Queensland

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