Bay of Naples

Five Things to do in Naples (As Well as Trying the World’s Best Pizza!)

Everyone warned me about going to Naples. “It’s dirty” they said, “You’ll get mugged!” one horrified Sardinian exclaimed before I left for the mainland on the 13-hour night ferry from Cagliari (getting mugged would, in fact, end up happening in Milan, and not Naples…where my disgustingly smelly Nike trainers were untied from my backpack on the metro!) but despite its reputation, I absolutely fell in love with the city…and found that there are so many great things to do in Naples! Continue reading

Discover five of Italy’s most beautiful destinations

Anyone who has visited Italy in the past will need little convincing of it’s beauty, but for those who haven’t been, this is a country that definitely lives up to all of the hype.

From some of the best beaches in the world to incredible works of art, stunning architecture and jaw-dropping landscapes, here are five of Italy’s most beautiful destinations: Continue reading

24-Hours in Genoa: Liguria, Italy

Ending up in Genoa had never been part of my original plan when I was travelling through Italy last November. It came about more through necessity – a stop off to break the journey from the Cinque Terre to Lake Como – than actual curiosity to see the city…but if I was going to be there for 24 hours, I was determined to make the most of it. Continue reading

Falling in Love with Positano

After three days in what turned out to be (very possibly) the dirtiest but friendliest hostel in Italy, and a complete public transport nightmare that included having to bluntly ask the man sitting opposite to stop taking pictures of me from underneath his jacket, it was going to take somewhere seriously special to pull me out of me out of my Sunday slump before I headed for Rome…luckily, I had decided to go to Positano – which is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been fortunate enough to visit. Continue reading

Goodbye Sardinia! One Last Night in Alghero

My last night in Sardinia was spent in Alghero – a beautiful and historical city on the island’s west coast. I was travelling from Palau via Tempio and Sassari after staying in La Maddalena the previous evening. The journey from the north east of the island to the west by public transport is not for the faint hearted (if you’d like to hear me whine about travelling via bus, feel free to read A Tale or Two About…Public Transport in Sardinia!) but I desperately wanted to see the city before I left for mainland Italy so I decided it would be worth the trip. Continue reading

The Tried & Tested: Hotel Bonsai, San Teodoro, Sardinia

After the long bus journey from Baunei to San Teodoro, I was more than ready for checking in and chilling out in my room at Hotel Bonsai. Just five minutes from the bus stations, five minutes from the historical centre of San Teodoro and only a 15-minute walk to the beach, Hotel Bonsai turned out to be the perfect place to stay for the night to make the most of the town.   Continue reading

A Tale or Two About…Taking the 13-Hour Night Ferry from Cagliari to Naples Solo

I’m not entirely sure why but I was ridiculously excited about getting the ferry from Cagliari in Sardinia to Naples. Yes, it was overnight, yes I couldn’t afford a cabin which meant I’d be sleeping sitting upright on a seat in the bar, and yes it would take 13 hours, but there was something so old-school-travel about taking the ferry rather than flying (also, I couldn’t afford the flight, but I swear even if I could I probably would have booked the ferry anyway!) Continue reading

Designer Ghost Town: 48 Hours in Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda

I’d read a lot about Porto Cervo and the famous (or infamous, depending on whether or not you know your Italian tabloid scandals) Costa Smeralda before I arrived in Sardinia. Popular with the rich, powerful and famous, and well known for the luxury resorts and super yachts that line the marina, I knew that I couldn’t visit Sardinia and miss seeing the so called Emerald Coast. Continue reading

Boating Adventures (& Misadventures!) on The Golfo di Orosei

There are certain places and moments that are so beautifully, breathtakingly incredible that they will stay with you forever. There are also those moments in life where you simply cannot believe that whatever bad thing is happening is actually happening to you. Recently, I had both of these things combine on the same day – resulting in one of the most unbelievable, unforgettable, experiences of my life…and it all happened on the stunning Golfo di Orosei. Continue reading