Turtles in Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast

10 Photos Which Prove There’s More to Hervey Bay Than Fraser Island

If you ask your average East-Coast backpacker about Hervey Bay, chances are they’ll say they stayed there on the way to Fraser Island…and that will be about all they can tell you…

For most people, the town is a pit-stop on the way to the world’s largest sand island – a place to sleep the night before (and shower the day after!) one of the three-day camping packages, or to stock up on food before a self-drive tour of the island. If you ask them to describe Hervey Bay itself, they are likely to say it’s a quiet town, with not much to do… Continue reading

One Week in Brisbane

In hindsight, one week in Brisbane was probably a little too long. I’d booked it as a sort of buffer – so that I could have some downtime after travelling from Scotland, and to give myself a couple of days to sleep off the jetlag and another couple of days to explore the city before I moved on to the Sunshine Coast. Continue reading