A Tale or Two About…Taking the 13-Hour Night Ferry from Cagliari to Naples Solo

I’m not entirely sure why but I was ridiculously excited about getting the ferry from Cagliari  to Naples. Yes, it was overnight, yes I couldn’t afford a cabin which meant I’d be sleeping sitting upright on a seat in the bar, and yes it would take 13 hours, but there was something so old-school about taking the ferry rather than flying (also, I couldn’t afford the flight, but I swear even if I could I probably would have booked the ferry anyway!) Continue reading

A Tale or Two About…Feeling Fortunate

Around a week ago, when I was staying in Florence, I received an unexpected message from my ex-boyfriend’s mum (the American I posted about in The Tale Behind This Blog). It seemed that she had been thinking of me, decided to check my Facebook page and had discovered that I was currently travelling. With the recent attacks in Europe, she said she wanted to get in touch to see how I was doing. The message was, I have absolutely no doubt, meant to be kind and simply her way of letting me know that she was still thinking of me…but something about the way it was worded made me furious.  Continue reading

Solo Travel: A Quick Guide to Eating Alone When Travelling Solo

What’s the big deal with eating alone when travelling solo? There needs to be some kind of a dining revolution, especially for solo female travellers. How is it possible that in this day and age, when a woman can do and be anything she wants, eating by yourself is still considered weird, or worse, sad? A lot of women I know have said they would simply, point blank, not even consider eating alone…but when you’re travelling, you will miss out on one of the greatest things about the countries you are visiting if you can’t face dining solo!  Continue reading