Barcelona – Day Six

Of course, the day I eventually agreed to do yoga on the terrace at the hostel would turn out to be, not only the one cloudy day of my entire trip, but also bloody freezing!
It was so cold, in fact, that the lovely hostel staff brought us crazy yoga-goers blankets to huddle ourselves in during the class (ever done yoga with two blankets on? Not easy, I can tell you!) The hostel offers yoga every morning for 5 euros (bargain!), as long as there are a couple of people who want to take part. Continue reading

Barcelona – Day Five

I woke up on my fifth day in Barcelona to the sound of screaming. It seemed one of the other women in the hostel dorm room was having a pretty serious nightmare…and after that, I just couldn’t get back to sleep… Continue reading

Barcelona – Day Three

If you read the previous blog post – Clubbing in Barcelona – then you can probably guess that day three was a bit of a struggle. I woke up around midday, still completely exhausted, with aching feet and with a bit of a headache – which may or may not have had something to do with the cocktails and Jägermeister! Continue reading

Clubbing in Barcelona

Want to know what the nightlife is like in Barcelona? Crazy, expensive, a bit weird and totally, 100% worth it! I met up with David (the Brazilian hailing from Dublin who loves a good party) at our hostel and had a few glasses of wine (which is ridiculously cheap!) before jumping on the Metro and heading towards the beach.  Continue reading

Barcelona – Day Two

When I woke up in morning, I was the only person in the room (I was pretty relieved to not have to be silent) and one of the beds had been stripped as if someone had left early. The hostel is pretty busy, there’s always someone new coming or someone else leaving – with the staff giving seemingly never-ending tours. I helped myself to some of the free mint tea (fresh mint, amazing!) and sat out on the terrace before realizing that my bloody adapter was broken (note to self, never borrow anything from your parents without checking if it works first). The lovely guy on reception managed to find a UK to Euro adapter going spare and so I was saved having to trail about trying to find somewhere to buy one.

Continue reading

Barcelona – Day One

Ah Barcelona. Thank god for gorgeous blue skies and sunshine. The locals are still wearing puffa jackets and scarves to ward off what they seem to think is “cold” weather whilst anyone who is visiting from the North is stripping off as quickly as possible. I even managed to burn my arms today…not that I’m saying that’s a good thing (obviously) I’m just pointing out that it’s definitely too warm here for a Scot to be wearing knitwear… Continue reading