The Tale Behind This Blog

In October 2015, with nothing more than a broken heart, a backpack and a desire to eat as much gelato as possible, I left Scotland with a one-way ticket to the beautiful island of Sardinia, Italy…

Guernsey, Channel Islands

Travelling the world indefinitely hadn’t been my plan. The end of the long-term, long-distance relationship I had been in for two-and-a-half years changed everything. I had been planning to move to the Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Oregon for 18-months –  I’d given up a flat and a social life in Glasgow, moved back into my parent’s home in the Scottish countryside, worked non-stop to make and save as much money as possible, spent every free hour applying for jobs in America, enlisted the help of visa and immigration specialists and had finally received an invitation to work at a newspaper when…the man I was moving to be with had something as simple, but ultimately as life-altering, as a change of heart…

Letting Go...and Just Going

Letting Go…and Just Going

With my belongings already packed, my notice already handed in at my job and a fairly healthy savings account, I made the decision to do something I had always dreamt about…to buy a one-way ticket and travel the world…solo.

One-way ticket to the world!

One-way ticket to the world!

A Travellin’ Tale began long before my decision to Let Go…& Just Go –  way back when I was working as a journalist in Glasgow and pursuing my love of new people and places through weekend travels and the odd press trip. The aim remains the same, to provide honest and often hilarious true travelling tales from around the world (the kind that I wasn’t allowed to write when I was a staff writer!) with some guides, tips and life stories thrown in for good measure.

Making new friends in Murcia, Spain, during a press trip in 2012

Making new friends in Murcia, Spain, during a press trip in 2012

Now I work on the road as a Travel Writer, Photographer, Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultant and Web Designer, whenever and wherever I can get Wi-Fi. Before I bought my one-way ticket, I was the Marketing, PR & Social Media Executive for a Scottish children’s charity. I’ve previously worked as a Newspaper Editor, Freelance Journalist, Photo-Journalist, Online Magazine Editor, Personal Assistant, Handbag Seller, Barmaid and Fruit Picker (to name a few). You can find my full professional history on LinkedIn.

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